Uncertain Future with Covid-19

When I think about not knowing what the future holds and how this Covid isolation will end, I feel distraught, trapped, contained, helpless, wild with panic, afraid for my and my family’s well being.

My biggest fear is losing our current lifestyle of ease and safety.

I am open to feeling safe in letting this go now.

If I were to magically wake up without this fear, I would feel so relieved I would cry. I would feel so grateful that we made it.

We survived this pandemic and it’s impact on the economy!

I would feel so grateful that we can afford food, education, clothing, medicine, services, etc.

I would feel like I can breath and I can this stress and worry go now. That I can be present to live my life with my loved ones!

I would feel so much more than relief! It would be more of an unwinding, a rebirth, a fresh start to happiness and gratitude!