Putting My Self Out There

When I think about putting myself out there, I feel panicked and scared.

My biggest fear is that I will fail. People will laugh at me and I will be rejected just like I was as a child at school.

I am open to feeling safe in letting this go now.

If I were to imagine that I magically woke up without this fear I would feel completely free to express my ideas and my thoughts.

I would feel completely confident to try new things and speak my mind.

I would feel brave enough to put myself out there.

I would shamelessly promote myself and spread my message “you don’t have to suffer! I can help you! Let me show you how to be your own hero and save your self! If I can do it, you can too!”

It feels so good to not feel so meek, weak and small! It feels so good to break out of my shell and in to my authentic self! Look out world, here I come!