Burden of Parenthood

When I think of being a mother, I feel this huge burden on my shoulders. I feel resentful, overwhelmed, trapped and chained to this immense responsibility that I don’t want.

I feel exhausted yet torn because I can never turn my back on my child.

I will not let this fear go because I use it as a measuring stick to keep me from letting my child down, like I was let down.

I am open to feeling safe in letting this go now.

If I were to imagine that I woke up without this fear, I would feel happy and free because I would know that I can be a mother and still do the things that make me happy.

That I don’t have to work so hard, or struggle, to meet my daughter’s need.

That I can parent with ease and flow.

That I’m safe to be happy because by being happy I am modeling to her that it is healthy to look after yourself, it is healthy not to give so much of yourself that you are depleted and resentful.

That it is possible to be a great parent even when you don’t have all the answers and are still figuring things out.